Compassion project…cont

I wanted to share a few things ive learned so far, photographically (is that a word?) with this project. First, model releases are of utmost importance. Thanks David for taking care of that. We want this to be as legitimate and as legal as possible. Second, a smile goes a long way. So does a sincere heart. Third, always remember your an intruder, regardless of how good your intentions are. Some people WILL be threatened and WILL threaten you to leave. Be strong, stand firm and most of all, be…compassionate:)Fourth, look for stories.

David asked that I take photos at the Davis Community Meals, a rotating dinner service for the homeless here in Davis. I was excited and we went. Most of the homeless dont know David or I though, so it was very touchy not to step on any toes. Since we could get model releases for most of the homeless, I was forced to shoot the volunteers…only. It was a challenge, but thats what makes it fun. Later we met Cindy, who is a student here, and a mother of 3, homeless. She was the story that I and David wanted.
At one point, I aimed the camera to the eldest son, without saying a word. He was eating and I didnt want to disturb him. I shot off a few frames, feeling a bit annoying to him. We exchanged glances and he said to me, “its ok.” I dont know why that affected me so much, but this is a 12 year old kid who to me has seen the world. He said it with some resoluteness. Such confidence, yet he was so humble about it. That right there is a man. I truely respect that kid. I just nodded, my eyes welling up, and took a few more frames.

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