ok i know i havent posted in awhile, and i dont want to keep all of my fans waiting…so here we go

i have been put on this beat covering a triple murder homicide on thanksgiving day 2006. its two sides of a family, connected through marriage. they are all immigrants from Eritrea. pretty much one of the sides killed a brother on the other side but they claimed he dided of natural causes. the other side thought their family was killed because he was gay, so they do some snooping…fast forward on thanksgiving day 2006, three people are killed in an apartment. prior to all of this, i had shot some stuff at the church that these guys frequent (the victims side) so they know me pretty well. the trial has been going on for months, and the verdict should come out anytime soon, of which im on call for in case that it does.

the thing is the courtroom is totally split between the two sides of the family. after a session in the court is done, the familes are let out into the lobby one by one since a few fights already broke out. its super tense. the victims side of the family loves me, they gave me an authentic eritrean lunch one day, they are friendly and always up for photographs. the other side, the attackers side, they hate me. they refuse to look at me, yell when i take pictures and are generally hostile to when i take photographs. i’ve got the law on my side cause the courtroom lobby is classified as a public area, so i can do what i want, but it ain’t easy.

its all been pretty fun, something new to shoot. the courtroom is really boring, but outside is exciting.

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