Iranian Protest

I spent the greater portion of my Friday night last friday going to the State Capitol and taking photos of the protests Iranians were holding for the situation in Iran.  Being an Iranian, i felt somewhat “at home” with those that were there but I quickly learned the fallacies of claiming national identity as your primary means of self-definition.  I will explain:  The purpose of the gathering was to hold a peaceful demonstration to remember those that were killed during the protests in Iran.  The organizers did not want to promote any sort of nationalistic agenda, whether it be for Mousavi or Ahmadinejad.  Unforuntately, there were some (Babak Badkoubideh which you will see in the photos) who effectively managed to split the group up into those who were there for the memorial, and those who wanted to shout to the world–fanatically–who they feel should be the correct political candidate.  Sadly, the original organizers were practically exiled from their own protest becuase they were adament in keeping this a non-political demonstration. Despite that,  the protest did gather–at its peak–200 or so people all of whom did sincerely want to see a positive change in Iran.

Here are the photos:

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